Thursday, October 29, 2009

...for Marissa

The other day my friend Marissa said that she checks the blog every day waiting to see any news about baby Schreiner.  So this post is for you Mar-Mar: happy reading.

I am now officially in the second trimester and am 16 weeks along.  What this means for anyone that does not read pregnancy sites once a week like I do is that this is the easy trimester.  I have been extremely thankful though because nothing has been too difficult so far.  First trimester is supposed to be full of morning sickness but I experienced a few weeks of nausea and nothing else.  However, two days before passing the first trimester mark I had my first (and only?) vomiting experience - and really that was my fault for taking prenatal vitamins on a virtually empty stomach.  The best part was that I had mixed reactions: I could not decide whether or not I should be upset or excited that I finally participated in what most pregnant women go through.

We had our third appointment Monday and our baby's heart is still beating and my belly measured me to be at 17 weeks.  So I think that means everything is going okay.

On Wednesday the Downtown Church had a parenting night with a panel of some of the pastors of Walnut Creek.  It was great to hear from these men whom Jon and I have gotten to see their lives and their now twentysomething age kids lives closely.  We learned some good foundations but also know the real learning will come when our "Juan(ita)" is born.  

Sometime soon I will get to feel our baby kick and move around.  The websites say that at first it just feels like a butterly or gas so at every little feeling in my belly I gasp and try to figure out if it is the baby saying hi.  But as far as I can tell, nothing so far.

Well, Marissa, hope this satisfies your excitement of the little one inside of me.  :)