Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jon was right... he only produces males... so far!

the first picture is the proof that we are having a boy...
the second picture is the baby on the side in 3D.  You can see the ear, arm, thigh and side.

we are so excited to know!

in other news... the baby is already 2 lbs 9 oz!  The ultrasound tech also said that I have more fluid in the amniotic sac giving the baby more room to move, leading to bigger muscles!  He is going to be one big, brawny, brainy, baby boy. :)

the confidence of the gvu guys

Last week, at Faithwalkers we were taking pictures of all the grand viewers that were able to come.  The boys (fully confident that our baby is a boy) decided to make my belly be in the dude picture, but not my face (because being a girl, I was not allowed in the dude picture).  With two hours to go before we find out if Jon has been lying this whole time, I thought I would forever make it clear how confident Jon and the guys are that this baby is in fact a baby boy.