Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love is Rising Giveaway

One of my best friends from growing up and her husband, Rachel and Landon Porter, are in the process of adopting a baby.  They are innovately trying to raise money by linking up with her sisters in creating (beautiful) handmade accessories and selling them on their loveisrising Etsy shop.  And TODAY on their blog you can find a give-a-way of some of their items.  So check out their blog and their etsy shop.  You can link to both at  Please tell your friends about it too!  I believe the give-a-way goes until Sunday.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wintry Days

Snow days are my favorite!  Being a (mostly) stay at home mom it really isn't much different than any other day but it is still fun to have an excuse to make stew, have hot chocolate and watch movies with your husband!

Jon really, really, really wanted to take Owen out in the snow blizzard last night but I convinced him to wait until the morning.  So, bright and early this morning, Jon and Owen went and played in the snow!  My camera was dying and so I didn't get many pictures, and the pictures I did get were not super good but they'll have to do!

Winter is also wonderful because of Basketball!  Although the Jayhawks are the best team in the world, Jon remains a Gophers fan.  So, for Christmas I got him tickets to the Minnesota v Purdue game.  We went with his dad.  The gophers won and it was a big game!

Other basketball fun this winter is that Jon is coaching Upward with two friends from Grand View.  He has 4th and 5th graders.  It is fun to watch the games and even more fun to watch Owen watch the games.  He gets very into them and claps a lot and keeps his eyes on the court most of the time.  At home, Owen also loves basketball.  We have this small hoop and ball that Owen plays with every day.  He puts the ball through the hoop and then right away starts clapping.  Sometimes he gets too excited that he starts clapping before he even gets to the hoop!  We need to get it on video soon - it is too awesome not to.  Here are some pictures from Upward:

On my last post, I forgot to put pictures up of Owen with the Cougar and the Wolf.  So here they are!

Well that's it for now! Drive safely this week!