Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"I can ride my bike with no handlebars"

The Flobots have a song called "Handlebars" which is a fun song if you ignore the political undertone. A few summers ago Jon was obsessed with it and we listened to it all the time. Lately, I've heard Owen singing it around the apartment as he is quite pleased with himself for all that he is able to do. A few of the lyrics go like this, "I can ride my bike with no handlebars/no handlebars/no handbars/look at me, look at me/hands in the air like it's good to be/ALIVE/ and I'm a famous rapper/even when the paths're all crookedy/I can show you how to do-si-do/I can show you how to scratch a record/I can take apart the remote control/and I can almost put it back together..." In response to his bragging, I've been having to teach him about humility. Even though he can't ride his bike with no handlebars, here are some fun things Owen has been doing lately:

*being in stand-up toys
*riding in the sit-up position in the stroller
*grabbing and hanging onto toys
*grabbing his feet
*and he can roll over from back to tummy (as you can see in this progression of photos, he has yet to learn to roll from tummy to back)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July has flown by!

We have had a great time these past few weeks! July has been a full and delightful month!

Fourth of July - Jon and I had Parker and Trent over for lunch and cards. We all had such a good time that each of us ended up taking naps! I woke up before all of them (my nap also started before theirs) and caught it all on camera. Here is our apartment filled with sleeping boys!

Later that night, Jon headed off to work hard at Nationwide while Owen headed to Jordan Park Camp to the all-church Independence Day celebration. We loved getting to see friends from all of the congregations! I am thankful that even though we don't get see each other all the time that God still unites us and helps us to retain good friendships! Here is a picture from the talent show that night.

Fifth of July - My Birthday! It was such a wonderful day! It started off with coffee at Caribou with Carol and Liz. I loved getting to catch up with them. Then we were all surprised with Ashley and Ava walked in and we got to spend some time with them too. Ava had fun putting stickers from her shoes all over Owen's forehead. Owen had fun watching Ava (I think he might have his first crush... sorry Payton)! Later that day, Jon surprised me with a bike and we took a bike ride in the rain! The night ended with a delicious dinner at Bonefish Grill. I am thankful for everyone making my birthday so special.

July 8th - 11th - We took a trip to Minnesota and got to see so many people we love so much but live so far away!!! Melanie, Katherine and Wesley were in town from Idaho. It was so so wonderful to see them! It seemed like the kids had a fun time meeting their new cousin. We had fun on Friday spending time at "Oma's" house, hanging out and going boating. Then for the rest of the weekend, we had a good time at "Grandpa Scott's" grilling out and going to parks! It was also a special treat having Anne in Owatonna the whole weekend too!

On Saturday, Jon's good friend from high school Beth Standke got married. So, all the boys were back in town! We were so excited that Connaker, Dahle and Emily all came from San Francisco! It had been almost a whole year since we had seen them! Molson and Callie were also around for the weekend and we enjoyed getting to hang out with them!

On Sunday, after we got back from Owatonna, Jon went to work at Nationwid. He is pretty amazing - after most trips he does not get a break! He goes straight to work and never complains! I am thankful for Jon with his work ethic and great attitude that accompanies his working to provide for Owen and I. Since the fireworks were cancelled the week before because of rain, Owen and I went to Ankeny with the Grand View students to watch fireworks. Owen was very interested in them and kept watching them as he drank his bottle. I didn't get any pictures of the fireworks though :(

July 12th - At Jordan Park Camp, our church had a cabin lottery. Grand View got a cabin and this summer we have been working to fix it up. Jon and/or others will go out there a couple of times a week to work on it. It will be such a wonderful blessing to have when it's done to be able for any of us to go out to for a night with a few people or a lifegroup. Here are some pictures from one of the work days.

July 13th & 18th - My sister Mandy moved to Chicago the week of the 13th. She is starting a financial consulting job at Deloit (sp?) and is living in the John Hancock building right on Michigan Avenue! We are so proud of her! It was fun though because on the way there, my dad and Mandy stayed the night to see us! And then on the way back, my dad, mom and Sandy stayed the night again. For some reason I didn't take many pictures, but we had a good time together and had fun having everyone stay in our apartment!

July 25th & 26th - On Sunday and Monday, Scott, Anne, Jon, Owen and I went down to Kansas City to take Owen to his first Twins game! The Twins played the Royals and won 19-1! My dad got tickets on the front row behind the Twins dugout... needless to say Scott, Anne and Jon had an awesome time! My parents, Sandy and Tyler came to the game with us. My parents had a fun time being on Owen duty because we didn't want Owen to sit in the front row. Also during the weekend, the boys played golf, my dad grilled out, we got to visit all of the great-grandparents and got to see a few Aunts and cousins. We had such a good time with family!

Being so close to the game, Jon had a fun time being a creeper and taking a zillion photos of Carl Pavano and his famous Pavanostache. An nbc sportsblog wrote the following about Pavano (aka "Super Pavario"):
But how did this occur? At what moment did Carl Pavano the pitcher and his mustache cease to become separate entities? These questions are far too difficult for someone like me to answer, but as I have mentioned before, do not fear Pavanostache, but it would be wise of you to remain in awe of its power.
Jon and Anne also creeped on Gardy, Mauer and others. :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I love Summer!

Fourth of July weekend is always one of my favorite holidays. It's possible that I feel this way because my birthday is the 5th of July and when I was little that meant a long, fun weekend that feels like an extended celebration of my birthday. But, honestly, who doesn't like the fourth of July weekend? Growing up, most of the time we went to the Ozarks with most of the extended family on my dad's side. We would have a wild time tubing, skiing, swimming, eating cheese dip, more boating, camp fires. I love going to the Ozarks with my family. The past few summers I've been tempted to be slightly bummed by not being with them. However, although I would love to be at the Ozarks, I am thrilled that we will get to join them in August and loving what we've been able to do so far this weekend.

On Friday, we had two weddings to celebrate! This summer there are so many weddings of people within our church. Something that is always pretty amazing is hearing during the sermons how God brought each couple together. Last night we went The Ramsey Wedding and The Jerome Wedding Reception. While we were at the Ramsey Wedding, we got to see Kayla, Kerry, Oakley and Emerson Poucher. The Poucher twins were born not to long after Owen. It is always fun to see them and it is always great to talk to Kayla about what she is learning and how she's doing. I am thankful for her friendship and that we have gotten to share life experiences together this past year.

Today, we had a fun day in the sun playing softball in the church softball league. This has been another common fourth of July weekend activity. If we weren't at the lake growing up, it was because one of us had a softball tournament. Softball in the summertime is also one of my favorite childhood activities! Today, my dad the coach, would have been proud of my hits and a little disappointed in my fielding. You would think after playing so many years I would know how to get my bottom down to field the ball. Oh well. Our team won the first game and lost the second. I got traded for the first game and played with West Town. I loved getting to hang out with some friends I don't get to see often. Owen had fun playing with Colleen and Payton.

This is a picture of Owen in an outfit that reminded me of Jon - so I threw on the twins hat to complete the outfit. What do you think... does he look like Jon or me?

Here are two pictures just for fun - a cute one of him smiling and one of Owen's most common activities eating his fists.