Saturday, April 24, 2010


Happy First Anniversary Jon!

first belly button sighting

first stroller ride with daddy

first time on Aunt Sandy's quilt

First outing to the Richey's

First time on Oma's quilt

First bath :(

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy First Week Owen!

Today, we have had Owen for one whole week! It has been surreal getting to know our son. He is just unbelievable even though he mostly sleeps and eats. We love the funny faces he makes and we think he is so precious!

We were blessed to have so much family in town this week to spend time with Owen and with us. Our moms spoiled us by cleaning, cooking and changing diapers and spoiled Owen by never putting him down :) Owen had good bonding times with both of the Grandpa's. Three of Owen's Aunts (Mandy, Sandy and Anne) loved on him like crazy and we had a special surprise visit from Jon's brother, Matt, from Idaho!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Introducing Owen Reid to the people who love him!

I like it when you call me big papa...

Jonathon teaching Owen the "football hold."

Grandpa Schreiner and Owen


He is just too wonderful!

Family photo!

Some of the first Grand View Campus Fellowship crew all came at the same time unplanned!

The handsome baby boy...

I just love my little Owen!

Jon having fun with Owen!

The two of us getting to know each other.

Auntie "M"

Auntie "S"

Auntie Anne

Grandpa Tickles and Owen

The proud Grandparents!

Proud papa and Grandpa Schreiner

Grandma Tickles and Owen

my "young warrior"

Owen's delivery began at 6:30 on Wednesday morning with the water breaking and a full day of surprises followed. It was a good lesson for me in not being in control and trusting the Lord with each unexpected twist. My plan was to have a natural birth. My friend Sara was going to help us get into positions to help progress labor and relieve the pain. However, after being in the hospital for just a few short hours I was told that my blood pressure was high (a condition called preeclampsia) and that labor was progressing too slowly. So, the interventions began and I was given an IV for meds to bring down my blood pressure and prevent seizures as well as to being pitocin. God deserves praise for helping me not get too upset about almost all of my "birth plan" being tossed out because of blood pressure. At this point I was pretty drugged up and out of it for the next four or five hours. In the middle of the afternoon I decided to get an epidural since I was confined to the bed and couldn't relieve pain except through breathing exercises. After the epidural I had a lot of energy for which I was thankful. By this point, my parents and sisters had all made it to Des Moines and were in the delivery room with me. This was also unexpected but I ended up enjoying having them be a part of the process. Finally, about 10:45 pm I was dilated to 10 cm and could begin pushing. After about two hours of pushing and trying to get Owen to change his head position, the doctor gave me the option of doing a c-section or using a vacuum suction to get him out. We opted for the vacuum. At this point, it was amazing because Jon, my mom, my sisters and Sara were all actively involved in helping me push... holding legs and everything. It was an awesome experience having them all in there. :) My dad was hiding around the corner waiting in anticipation! The vacuum was kind of scary because it detached a few times. It eventually worked in getting Owen's head out but then his poor shoulders got stuck and the doctor had to work hard to get them out. My poor baby boy after he came out he had to go on oxygen for four hours - but he handled it like a champ! We decided to name him Owen Reid for a lot of reasons but one was that it means "young warrior" and I have been praying the Owen would one day a warrior for Christ but it also certainly fit how he handled the difficult delivery! Another surprising thing to find out that night was how long and big he was (9 lbs 3 oz and 23 1/4 inches)! The day went completely unexpectedly but I am so thankful that Owen and I are healthy despite the preeclampsia. Please be praying that these next few weeks my blood pressure would stay low and that there would be nothing dangerous that comes as a result of the preeclampsia. Now that Owen is four days old he is doing amazingly well! He is eating well and just loving his family that is in town and all of the friends that have come by to visit. Thank you everyone for your prayers and sending your love!

The delivery room during early afternoon.

My parents waiting patiently. Since Jon was representing the twins my dad just couldn't resist and had to go put on his KU jacket. :)
The crew playing cards right before we were told it was time to start pushing - they even wanting to finish the hand because it seemed so anti-climatic because of how relaxed I was with the epidural.

Owen getting weighed!

My mom, a pediatrician, was given the okay by the OBGYN to jump in there to help stimulate the breathing of her grandson.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Owen Reid Schreiner

Our son Owen Reid Schreiner was born on April 15th at 1:44 am. He is 9 lbs 3 oz and 23 1/4 inches long! It was quite the day and I will share more later as well as more pictures. But for everyone wanting to see him, here he is!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

due date day fun

Yesterday was officially Juan's due date (even though due dates are approximate +/- 2 weeks). Even though I know in my head it's approximate it was still weird getting there and getting through the whole day without Juan making his grand appearance into the world. A week or so ago a good friend suggested that I make a pedicure appointment on the due date so I had something to look forward to instead of being sad that my son wasn't here yet. So, I followed her advice. The day ended up being a wonderful day with no tears or feelings of strong disappointment. I got to go to coffee with a friend in the morning and then spent time with Jesus there. I had lunch with my wonderful husband and we went on a walk (he even made me go up the hill)! Then a friend and I got pedicures! :) Later, Jon and I had an appointment with the doctor and we decided if Juan hasn't shown up by Thursday we are going to do some tests to make sure he's doing okay in there and, if so, keep waiting for him to come out on his own. Then a friend surprised me with a present of chocolates and other goodies to make it through the day. The day ended with spending time on campus at Grand View and going to our last official Bible study of the year. Then to top it all off a few of the girls asked me if they could give me a foot rub. I felt like a princess yesterday.

These past few weeks I keep learning and re-learning how much thoughtfulness and caring for someone can be so small yet so big at the same time. For every phone call, card, gift or massage I just light up inside and feel so loved. It has been encouraging for me because it is helping me remember that if I follow through with a desire to call someone or give someone a note or something that it can really impact their day. It is also really challenging me to be more thoughtful of others and to try to believe that I can show Christ's love in little ways. It reminds me of 1 Corinthians 15:58 where we are reminded that our labor for the Lord is not in vain. So, thank you to anyone who has sent a text, gift, called, or sent loving some other way. It has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.