Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Vacation

We took a vacation this past week to the Ozarks with my parents, my sisters and my grandma farmer.  It was everything a vacation to the Lake should be - sunny days for swimming, tubing and skiing; raining days for games and movies, and too much good food!

The first few days we were there with just half of the crew.  With slower days we got to relax a lot which was really nice.  The best part about it is that during the relaxing times Owen and Eden had their first wrestling sessions!  There was mostly a lot of laughing.  But we do have some training sessions ahead of us to teach that if someone is crying they don't like it.  But Jon and I loved watching them wrestle and play together.

I tried to upload a video but it didn't work.  Any tips anyone? We took the video using our iPhone.

Our other proud accomplishment was we got BOTH kids on the tube.  Owen was a little hesitant at first but once the boat started moving they each were laughing.  Eden especially loved it.  They both also loved the rocky beach.  Next summer the goal will be to get them to like being where they can't touch the ground.  They both cried a lot at the deeper part even though Jon and I were holding them.  Oh well - we've got time!  Also a plus, neither of them complained about their life jackets!

This was their favorite thing to do on the boat - take all of the snacks out of the snack bucket.
Mandy and Sandy - If you didn't notice, I was really bad at taking pictures, meaning I didn't take many.  If you guys have some good ones please send them my way! (Especially a few with Mandy in them because I don't have any.)

Miss Eden's Lake Birthday

During Eden's 1st birthday we were at the Ozarks with my entire immediate family.  A few of them didn't get there until Friday, so we celebrated a day late.  I believe she thoroughly enjoyed her birthday celebration.  We had delightful cupcakes, we sang a few times, and she was spoiled with gift love from everyone!  Her favorite gift was her new baby which she immediately kissed and cuddled.  I was caught off guard by her understanding and her nurture.  Owen's favorite gift for Eden has been the pretend kitchen.  He has barely stopped making toast since we set it up.  And the aunties gave her the most darling clothes.  Thanks everyone for loving Eden so much!

Can you picture her 15 birthdays from now?

Big girl car seat!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Eden!

"Happy Birthday Sweetheart!"  This is what Owen has been singing to Eden all week.  She is dearly loved.  Eden was a joy (mostly) as a baby but I love love love the 1 - 2 year old stage so I can't wait to see what cute little quirks Eden will have.

On July 5th, Eden took her 1st steps and now she is walking everywhere!  She has such a cute little monster walk.  And she growls nonstop.  Ha.  I have one girlie little lady.  Although she does hold her own when Owen tries to steal her toys, her girlie side comes out when you tell her she looks "pretty."

Eden's top 10 Loves at age 1:

10. Her bear lovey - I love catching her cuddling it at night.
9. The animal tractor that makes noises.
8. The tupperware cabinet.
7. Putting buckets on her head.
6. Grunting.
5. Playing Peek-a-boo & Patty-cake.
4. Anything with Owen.
3. Hearing the door and seeing Daddy come home.
2. Cuddles & nose kisses with mama.
1. Eating (anything) all day long.

We are so in love with our little lady.  She has been a delight to have as a daughter and a sister to Owen.  Happy Birthday Sweets!