Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Week!

We have had such a wonderful & blessed first week with Eden.  We first of all want to say "Thank you!" to all of our family & friends who have prayed for us, helped us & congratulated us.  We are glad to share these special moments with you all!

The day before Ms. Eden Lynn was born Jon, Owen & I had an enjoyable time just three of us and Jon got to come to the splash park with us.  Here they are playing at the pool:

Here is a photo of the three of us before we left for the hospital on Tuesday morning:

First Moments with Eden:


Brother & Sister time:

At the park:

At the State Fair:

More family shots:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Introducing Eden Lynn

Our beautiful daughter, Eden Lynn Schreiner, was born yesterday, August 9th at 6:57 pm.  She was a good size at 9 lbs and 21 1/2 inches.  We think that she is amazing!  The labor went decently well, at least for what it was.  :)  We are so grateful to God that I did not have preeclampsia again or that I didn't need a c-section.

If you have facebook, these are pictures I took from friends and family.  I'll add some of our own later.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Homestretch

With baby girl coming just around the corner, we have been eagerly trying to finish the basement and have some good quality time with Owen before he has to adjust to a sibling.  

We have been so blessed with the basement in that so many friends & family have helped Jon in doing the work.  At one point, he counted 22 different people that had helped and I'm sure that after this week the number has gone up to 24 or 25.  Today, the texture and primer went on the drywall - it is a beautiful sight to see!  Tomorrow, the real paint!!  We are so near the end, it is almost surreal.  Hold off a few more days baby girl!

At the beginning of the week, I was feeling so bad for Owen because it has been way too hot for his 9-month pregnant mama to play with him outside.  One day, he brought his shoes to me twice hinting at his desire to go play.  I put his shoes on but we definitely stayed inside - I felt so bad.  Then one morning (wednesday?) we woke up and it was so pleasant outside.  So we wasted no time and headed to a nearby park that has lots of shade and played!  The rest of this week Owen & I have gotten some good Mother-Son time in by going to the zoo (we even rode the train!), the splash park a couple of times & cuddling which watching Dr. Doolittle on Netflix. 

I am so thankful for Owen & little man he is turning out to be.  He is a delight to be around and bring so much joy to my life - even when he is mischievous.  The other day I left the kitchen for two minutes and when I returned this is what I found:

Such a stinker.  Owen continues to be a people lover - always waving, always trying to get laughs and now always giving a hug or wrestling.  Here he is attacking Ava G for 20 minutes straight on the couch. She loved it.

We are so excited at the near-arrival of our little beauty, but we are also thankful for these last few days to finish the basement & have some more Owen-loving time.  God's timing is perfect & we continue to be excited to see what He has in store for us!  In case she comes before I post again, please pray for a safe delivery, a healthy baby girl & a good transition for Owen to having a baby sister.  We appreciate it!