Thursday, March 31, 2011

my handsome men

Tonight, I just want to say I am deeply in love with my husband and my son (and my baby girl, but that'll be another post, probably another day; today, its about my men.)

Last week, Jon took me out for our "valentine's date" and we went to a Jonny Lang concert.  Before we left he brought me some beautiful flowers.  As wonderful as that was, it pales in comparison to the way he loves Owen and I each day.  I am so thankful for his example of working hard and never complaining.  The way he lives makes me eager to be a better wife and mom.  Even though he has many responsibilities outside of the home, he'll surprise me sometimes with cleaning the house (and much more extensively than I do, I might add).  He is a great leader for our family and represents Christ well to us.  More and more, I can't believe that I get to be his wife.  What an honor!

Here is a picture of the flowers he gave me:

Now for handsome #2, my little man.  Although he has yet to say "Mama," Owen has been melting my heart the past few weeks with something new he does while we play with other kids.  Every so often he will come and give me a hug from behind or look at me until I smile at him.  He has this new excitement to just check in with me and it is so endearing.  One of my favorite things he does is just wave and smile at anyone and everyone and, when they notice, you can tell they feel so special to have his attention and I love that he can capture strangers hearts like that.  I also want to add that it breaks my heart when he is waving and smiling charmingly and the stranger walking by has no idea that this little person is desperately trying to love them.  He is just so cute with his little chubby hand opening and closing in a wave.  He is amazing.

photos by the lovely Liz VanderSchel