Wednesday, April 27, 2011

birthday boy PHOTOS!

Owen's birthday celebration lasted a few days thanks to a cupcake surprise a few days early from my grandparents and a weekend celebration with my family.  It's too bad he won't even remember it!  The last few days of his "babyhood" were spent in Kansas City with Carla & Kaisa (more on that trip another day).  We (well, more like I) sentimentally cherished his last bottle along with his last bit of formula for his bedtime bottle on Thursday and then excitedly gave him milk in his sippy on his birthday.  Even though it was rainy on his big day, getting drenched wasn't going to stop me from turning his carseat around to face the front.  I don't think he cared as much as I did - but I am so excited to see him while I drive.  For his birthday, he got many different types of balls - golf balls, tennis balls, a baseball & bat, a football, a soccer ball & a basketball.  He has enjoyed them so much that he started saying "ball" this past week!  

These were my favorites that Liz VanderSchel took before & during Owen's birthday party.  

Celebrating with Owen's Great-grandparents in KC

I like this one because when Owen finished his cupcake he went to go finish Kaisa's for her!

Clean up!

Celebration with Friends

The cakes were made by Megan Griffith and they were DELICIOUS!  Here is a link to her blog showing off some of her other cakes.

He was uncharacteristically shy and unsure of himself during the "Happy Birthday" song.

Mmm... yummy fondant polka dots!

Party with the Tickles

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Owen turned one year old last Friday!

Owen's 1 year stats:

Height 32 inches (97%)
Weight 25.6 pounds (75%)
He currently has 4 teeth.
He is done with formula and the bottle.
And he is as cute and fun as ever!

And I would put pictures up, but...

problem #1 we add our photos to Jon's computer and he's had his computer all week.  no big deal.
solution #1 Liz took awesome photos of Owen's birthday so I thought I would download hers from facebook and use them.
problem #2 every picture I tried to upload to blogger (even my own photos) had a little note that said server wouldn't work.  that's weird, maybe because blogger knows their not mine.
solution #2 I decided I would upload them to picassa.
problem #3 They didn't work on picassa either but picassa was kind enough to inform I needed a new version of safari.
solution #3 download new version of safari. easy enough, right?
problem #4 I can't download a new safari, or the firefox, or the new chrome because I don't have a new enough mac system.  I think I've heard that leopard or snow leopard is expensive and my computer is not worth the update.  bummer.  So, at this point...
solution #4  there is no solution but to decide to just wait to use Jon's computer (which is no big deal).

so, friends, you get to wait for pictures... unless someone wants to buy me an iPad 2 for earth day tomorrow.  :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Owen took two steps!

Today, Owen took his first two steps!  We are so proud of him... and wondering how our lives are about to change with him walking.  Part of me thinks that it'll still be a while before he even tries again, but we'll see.  Right after he took two steps, I kept trying to get him to stand again to try but he would flop his little body down as if to say "no way mom!"   But I think that once he gets it, he'll really get it and will be all over the place.  I guess only time will tell.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

what we've been up to

Cousin Benjamin is Born

Finally meeting Nina Nakagaki

Road Trip to Chicago and St. Paul

Random Pictures of Owen

sweet baby girl

We had our ultrasound a week and a half ago and we are thrilled to announce that the little babe is a girl!  On Sunday I will be 21 weeks and so I am more than halfway there.  In vain, I have given Owen a few talks about what it'll be like to be a big brother to a little girl.  I'm sure he'll do just fine even without understanding my pep talks!

Here is our baby girl (I think her nose looks so cute!):